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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  January 3, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EST

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busier than ever, filing reports from a helicopter and covering the drug cartels in guatemala and doing stories along the texas-mexico border. we wish her a very happy new year. we'll see you next fox news sunday. th >> at the start of 2010, obama was king of the year. >> he takes the most prestigious award in the planet, the nobel peace prize. >> thank you very much. but the hype surrounding the president did not last long. it started in january. >> scott brown, the republican, will win the massachusetts special election in an election that will shock the political world. republicans are not going to
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work off of this monster. >> today the president sealed a deal on health care signing the bill into law and forever changing the united states of america. by all accounts, millions of gallons of oil have leaked into the gulf of mexico. but nobody can be sure how much. you have plugged the hole? >> we promise to bring an end to the economic woes of america. how did that work out? >> 534,000 jobs disappeared. and 14.9 million unemployed. >> stocks ended miserable august on tuesday. thank you and god bless america. thank you very much. take a shellacking like i did last night. >> by end of the year americans were losing confidence in the president. >> i have been keeping the first lady waiting. for half an hour. so i will take off. >> a year end deal with republics to extend tax cuts could shape the course of 2011. tonight, a huckabee special, the
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explosive year in politics. ladies and gentleman, governor mike huckabee. >>governor huckabee: happy new year. happy new year to all. welcome to huckabee special from the fox news studio in new york city. it's obvious 2010 was an explosive year if politics. how do we best describe 2010? turbulent. troubled. transitional? we saw real change all year long. from health care bill being forced on us and not having anything like the support the believeers thought would occur and dramatic spending that was supposed to help the spending. but it probably did more to damage it. but the real change came in november. that's when we had the election,
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fueled by tea party activists and disenchanted voters who would not be pushed aside. the people conducted the blood less coup. on our show we tried to not only tell you what happened during the week but we try to explain in straight ways what it meant. sometimes trying to use a little humor to get the point across so we could provide both enlightenment and entertainment. we will take you back through 2010 and open the window to 2011 in this year-end special. (applause) >>governor huckabee: we also would love do know what you would like to see on our show this coming year. you can send your suggestions to me by going to and follow me on twitter or join facebook. tonight we will recap this year with fox superstars and my
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friends, neil cavuto and greta and we will look at what lies ahead in the new year with steve forbes and more. just before the midterm elections, a poll asked voters across the country to use one word to describe the federal government. it gave us an idea to play our own version of a popular game show. tell me what one word you think sums up america's feelings about the federal government? >> sucks. >> sucks. all right. is "sucks," a top three word. >> that is actually our number one answer. well, the number one answer said it all. and voter anger led to action. the tea party movement gained strength and lad a really big
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say in the historic turn around in the mid-term election. before we look where the tea party is now and where it is going, here's a look at how it all started. february 2009 almost 12 million americans out of work. newly sworn in president obama plaguing with a recession and a plunging stock market prepares a spending spree. an economic stimulus package of $800 billion carbon gas caps, a proposed $15 billion annually and a second bank bailout proposal with estimates up to $2 trillion after already spending $700 billion on troubled financial institutions. many americans aware of the fact that money doesn't grow on trees wander how in the world they will pay for it all. >> this is america. how many of you people want did pay for your neighbor's mortgage that has an extra bathroom and cannot pay their bills, raise their hand?
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boo. president obama, are you listening? we are thinking of having a chicago tea party in july. >> yes, a tea party. miles per hours now so fed up with spending tax dollars to bail out failed companies, decided it was time to take action. usa. usa. usa. grass roots tea party rallies took place on april 15 from coast to coast. this can't end tonight. this has to be a beginning. we have to really make our voices heard next year in the election. >> but many up happy voters did not seem to phase the leaders in washington. >> it is not a grass roots movement. it is astroturf by the wealthiest in america. >> and now i i will talk about the tea party movement. it has been a big phenomena, maybe the biggest that has happened. when did this whole tea party movement become real?
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>> right there, that april 15, 2009, i -- you were in florida, i think, i forget ... in south carolina. i was hosting from atlanta, and governor i looked out and there were 30,000 people that showed up. i looked out and the crowd, i said, did anyone come, and i was there and i was stunned. and it was at that moment i realized this was real. this movement is organic. this movement is powerful. and from that time on it grew and grew and grew and i knew it would change america forever. it wasn't just that rally or the rally you attended but rallies all around the country. >>governor huckabee: people thought it would fizzle out, a flash in the pan and people were angry and it would not sustain. i was saying, and it proved to be true i think that this would grow in intensity. because congress wasn't getting
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it. we just saw the clip of nancy pelosi where she says it's all astroturf. what did that do to the democrats and specifically to nancy pelosi? >> governor, i have been on radio since 1987, never if my life, and i have been addicted to politics sense i was a young kid. i would say up late at night and listen to talk radio. never in my life did i see politicians who rely on people, turn on the very people that put them in power or fire them. unpatriotic. unamerican. astro tuive. extremist. racist. how dismissive they were. and what is amazing, what i love about this, the people never quit. they sustain this all the way through 2009 from that april rally on tax day, straight on through 2010 leading up to the
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best midterm election or the biggest election since, for 70 years. i have to say, it is an amazing political phenomenon that will be studied throughout history. how did politicians attack and turn on the american people? they have never understood this movement. they do not understand it today. and i think they still underestimate the power and ability. >> we will talk about that because there is a perception by the democrats that the teamp -- tea party was nothing more than a republican manufactured front to get their message across. but it appears to me the tea party is not really a republican movement. they certainly took it out on the democrats. but was this election about republicans winning? >> no. i am a registered conservative, not a registered republican. i wrote a book "conservative victory," coming out in march of
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2010 and i want this, this is a conservative group. there are establishment republicans and the battle lines are ground. they supported charlie crist over rubio who if my opinion, he could be president of the united states. hung i -- >>governor huckabee: i think he could and should be. he was my co-chairman when i ran in florida. he is bill -- brilliant. he is articulate. a conservative spokesman, the biggest since ronald reagan and you, governor. >>governor huckabee: that was good. good. >> another example is rand paul. but it was interesting, you had talk radio, follow news channel, independent voices. but, honestly, the credit goes to the people of this country. something happened. and in response to record twists and record debt and a stimulus
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bill and record unemployment and government failing us and seemingly tone deaf and arrogant the american people have awoken. and, really, in response, this is the second time. when we experiment with socialism and liberalism and redistribution the american people seem to wake up to their constitutional limited government principles and this is a principled movement that articulates and is passionate about conservatism. simple things: limited government. balancing your budget. strong national defense. keep it simple. and those politicians that do not listen to their peril. >>governor huckabee: what do republicans need to learn from the entire election process where the family had a huge impact? >> republicans take power in house of representatives on november 5th. they are on probation. if they in any way show they
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have lost town with the voters that put them there, they will loose power. they will be voted out. they will be primary. and they will be challenged. we could have another big change election in 2012. >>governor huckabee: finally, the tea party does not have a natural leader. it does not have one person who is "the" person. good or bad? great. great. i love the fact that we all agree on the basic principles. we argue that we have to balance our budget and cut taxes and have a strong national defense we can have all the other arguments on the side. it is healthy for democratic republic. healthy for the country. and it could be cause of disagreements here and there but on the broad significant, deep, important, philosophical issues, we agree and america is off track. this great country we love so much, i think of my life,
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governor, of the fact that my grandparents came here in the early part of the last century, no money, no garnlted health care, they barely survived and they created a better standard of living for my parents and my parents stood on their shoulders and i stand on both of their shoulders. the idea we do not create a better america for our children and grandchild is up conscionable to me. america must be that shining city on a hill. it must be the land of opportunity. and it must lead the world because our principles are the principles that will create wealth and opportunity for everyone. >>governor huckabee: always a pleasure to visit with you. from now on you come on my show and interview me. are you playing guitar today? >>governor huckabee: with you. >> there goes the show. don't let me sing. >>governor huckabee: coming
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>>governor huckabee: washington has pored billions into the economy to get us back on trip but unemployment in 2010 was as high at the end of the year as the beginning as the year was drawing to a close president obama negotiated the deal with republicans to pass the tax cut extension. i asked neil cavuto what this extension means for all of us and for the economy. the president got a deal this year finally on the bush tax cuts, extending them. how big a deal was that to have happened before the end of the year. >>neil: huge. there are people that are worried about the earmarks and all justifiable criticism but think about if this crashed and the new yorks felg apart, governor. all of the rates would have gone up to what they were a decade ago. everyone's taxes would go up.
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now, i understand the argument of the tea party and conservatives and the progressive side they should have done something for the rich but the alternate would be that everyone's taxes go up. so it was a positive development. very positive. >>governor huckabee: this is not an environment where everyone gets everything. no political environment is. some were so against this, whether the extreme left or one could call it the extreme right or the tea party, and they said no, we want it all or nothing, and they would get nothing, both sides. when do we get the message that governing is about holding your nose and getting as much as you can but recognizing you cannot get all you want. >>neil: i hope that registered because if this crashed and fell through we would have seen both sides retreat to their extreme positions. the progressives in the democratic party would say, go back to the base because this is what happened when you try to
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compromise and the conservative elements of the republican party would say it is all for nothing and we stood for something, so principle accounts for nothing if the end. it was ronald reagan who said it best i would rather get the 80 percent of the loaf than lose the loaf and on the republican side they got the loaf. and that means a from deal. also, it could set the stage for fruitful development down the road. i know probably, governor, i sound like jimmy stewart, maybe naive, but the fact they hammered out an agreement that both sides had problems with hoping that this could lead to other things, i think that is positive. hopeful that maybe having settled the race for the time being we can to something constructive although the debt commission that we talked about, to address longer term not only tax relief but tax simplicity.
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>> and the job throughs is the 800-pound guerilla -- gorilla. and now we will talk about, does the tax cut vote give us a boater forecast on the likelihood of unemployment situation going into 2011? neil cavuto hard to say. i do think, governor, prior to this accord, the numbers were looking better. not a lot better. we discussed this, enough better that we were seeing a trend. retail sales ticking up. and more people out at least looking for homes. and more considering putting deposits down on a home. more people when they asked how do you feel about prospects this year compared to last year and next year, all positive indications. now, gang buster fashion? i don't know. as dire as the fed is saying, unemployment rates could be the
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rule of thumb the next four or five years, i don't believe so. but, i think that the trend has been much's friend here. and the reason why the president pounced on the deal, he saw what tax cuts can do. . and certainly tax increases. and he could be the biggest beneficiary of all. >>governor huckabee: the stage in 2011 will be the economy with new actors many people talking about running for president. the biggest buzz of the year in 2010 came when neil cavuto announced he was going to throw his hat into the ring. when we come back, i will ask president cavuto what he would do if he were president after this to get us on track.
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>>governor huckabee: i am joined with my candidate for president, neil cavuto, and you, during the course of this last year, toyed with the idea and put forth, let's tack about your platform. what would you do to get the economy going again? >>neil: a look at my running
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for president, we have never had an italian make a serious bid so we could do worse. i found that there were not enough plastic cushions in the white house. i thought that could be something i could start. but in all seriousness what i wanted to raise running, wouldn't it be something if we had a candidate who had a talent going back to his folks and said i will not give you a hospital or a bridge to nowhere and i will not do squat for you. imagine just for a second stepping back and not offering constituents anything. but to say, well, i didn't spend anything so you can save something. if enough people did that and shielded themselves by a growing economy everyone would say i am okay if i don't get the hospital here with neil cavuto's name on it if there is a boom in the economy and i am doing well. hung we have talked about the
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issue, the debt, a big, big thing in 2011 it will be bigger. we will talk about the practical effect of the debt. people hear about it but may not understand how it affects you at the household issue. if you ran for president, which you may end up doing after all, explain to the american people how the debt hits their household. >>neil: we pay a larger chunk to keep the credit line going and one thing people forget, the debt chokes up our ability to do anything el. if you, in your budget, and you dealt with this because you had to balance a budget, and if you know you want if get a new fund as at home or you are interested in sending your kids to a private school or college or what have you but you cannot because your mastercard is filled to the max and debt payment to keep that going or controlling a quarter of your net pay, which where we were a
3:26 am
couple of year ago you have little wiggle room and debt means little wiggle room. debt and interest mean you have little money to put anywhere else. hung is it fair to say we cannot build good roads in america because we are building good roads in china because they are carrying out debt and making money off of us? >>neil: and they call the shots so if something erupts in north korea, we are caught in between. we do not want to get china ticked off not because we are ticked off at china but we know if we get them too annoyed they could pull their money out of our country. we are in defense and as you stated when you ran for budget in arkansas, and maybe you will do that again if the neil cavuto campaign falls through which i could live with because i have a cable gig, but what happens is, people say, well are i guess we
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are not the same america, i guess china is ruling the roost and we are owing to them. china owns a lot of our debt, yes, but they own that because we buy a lot of their stuff. we are on such defense and so anxious and worried and nervous and paranoid about ourselves we do not know which end is up and everyone in the world comes around and slaps us, and the ultimate thing in the last year is when the french finance minister started lecturing us on our budget. the french. the french lecturing us. that would be like me walking into a ball." y's fitness center and saying, get going, guys. >> looking ahead, where are we a year from now if this country? kneel much better. the trend is our friend and what we will see by keeping them the same, and, if this health care
3:28 am
thing is at least slowed, and we see a lot of effort here to not just defund it but to detooth it, businesses will welcome that. because this was thrown at them broadside and i think those will be positive developments and the $2 trillion corporations are holding they could open up. i sound a bit against the wall street grain to say i think next year in 2011 even in 2012 that prirl be good for the economy and, again, if though get me into office, does not deny that, it could work if his favor. >>governor huckabee: fur -- if you do in the end up being president neil cavuto you can
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and now back to huckabee. >>governor huckabee: the presidents and democrats massive health care plan was and is unpopular with a majority of americans. to start, the 2,500-page bill was too long. no one who voted on it knew what the heck was in it. and those who read it could not make sense of it. but for congressional candidate dr. pane who was on our show to interpret the bill. >> this is from the house of representatives bill and i quote, "the provisions of section 2646 shall apply to group coverage in the same
3:33 am
manner as such provisions apply to individual coverage but in any reference to section 2712 (f) and that," do you think that makes sense? >>guest: i wouldn't make it up. but i do want to say this. i used to, i don't need to now, but i have to try, and when i say try i am talking about all of us, i mean some. don't you think that maybe that in itself is something ... >>governor huckabee: want to run that by mow one more time? >>guest: i could hold it in the mirror and see if you understand it. that is the second time i said that in two weeks. >>governor huckabee: that was mr. doubletalk our friend. now, as much as it probably did not make sense to you and did not make a lot of sense to anyone.
3:34 am
the president, and democrats in congress were determined to jam that bill down our throat and then they came through some back room politics and some would say bullying and passed the act. now the states have taken action and many have sued and taken obamacare to court. we will talk about what will happen in the new year and look back. welcome "on the record host," greta van susteren. you have a lot of fans here in new york. >>greta: love the fans. >>governor huckabee: you followed this bill as much as anyone did. >>greta: i tried to read it. >>governor huckabee: i remember. did you find yourself passing out from trying to understand what the bill was about? >>greta: i could not understand it and i have gone through much of it. i don't think anyone read it so i don't think anyone is confused by it. it is so big, so large, so
3:35 am
complicated and it redefines how we do health care which is a mess but this is a problem. and, particularly, this bill is passed and if it remains constitutional, it goes out to communities all across the nation and everyone looking at it will look at it like i did, like what is this? people will fight and there will be lawsuits. because no one can understand it. the judges will try on guess what is in it because it is unclear and the judges will be criticized for being activist judges and so it will spiral. >>governor huckabee: long before you were a talk show host you have been a lawyer all your adult life so you are looking at this from a legal perspective and that is important to note. >>greta: but that is a problem. people say, maybe you understand because you are a lawyer. we don't learn a special language if law but you don't have to write statute or legislation that people can't understand. that is the problem.
3:36 am
among others. >>governor huckabee: can the government force a person to go into the private market and purchase a product or be fined? >>greta: yes this would be the first time. this has not yet been done. if the federal government can do that the supreme court will tell us. but there are so many other troubling aspect. the idea of the map -- mandate everyone puts money in the pot pushing the costs down because some have less demand and some have more and the idea is we pool our resources. but if you looked at from october until mid-december, the obama administration gave about 225 organizes, unions, big corporations and successful corporations with huge net profits, they got waivers so you take those people out of the pool and you wonder why they get out? is that fair? and now the problem is, now the costs rise. so, there is this moving around
3:37 am
with the numbers and who gets what and we see a lot of inequities setting in and the special interests, they have lobbyists. the unions have lobbyists. the big corporations have lobbyist and the regular person sitting at home, with a machinist company with 51 employees can not afor lobbyist. >>governor huckabee: people who own a restaurant with high turn over cannot afford it even if they paid $2,000 penalty for each employee that is better but the point is they cannot afford it so the cost of a hamburger is such that no one could afford to eat it and they could not afford to pay for it so it is one guy in the kitchen taking orders and that is not pretty sight the final question on health care issue, looking ahead a year from now, what do you think will happen and i am asking as a prophet rather than a legal analyst, what do you anticipate
3:38 am
will happen? where will we be a year from now on health care? >>greta: how about first, what should happen. we will get a decision from florida it will go to the supreme court and pursuant to the supreme court rule, in extreme situations you bypass the appellate court but that the not happen and we will have litigation explosion and we will have to pay all the money for courts of appeals and clerks and the states have to get all ready balk it will take forever and all the money will cost a fortune and it could be democratted to be unconstitutional so we are being crazy. this should be decided by the supreme court quickly but the obama administration is opposed to having it go immediately to the supreme court and bypassing the appellate court and the attorney general in florida said he is opposed to it. that is inefficient because only the supreme court can say if it is constitutional or not and shame on everyone who is trying to delay this because this is no certain method or message being
3:39 am
sent out. the supreme court makes a decision and my prediction is we will still be having this conversation and we will say look at the money that is wasted and the uncertainty and all the membership are fighting and we have for clue what to do and all the doctors and health care providers are not helped and our government will not bypass it and go right to the supreme court and get a decision. that is what i think. >>governor huckabee: great answer. you have just told us and i think it is true, the doctors, those who are supposed to help patients will not have much benefit from this but who will? that will be the lawyers. >>greta: i don't agree with that. >>governor huckabee: all the lawsuits? >>greta: the lawyers did not create this problem. the politicians who created this ridiculously complicated bill. we need to fix health care. to doubt. but we can do it in a matter we can understand. that is foishtd. and makes sense.
3:40 am
i am not, if i cannot understand the basis of this, the statute that has been read and i have gone through it i suspect someone who has seen it for the first time in a small community who will apply it cannot understand it. blame the politicians. they will bring in the lawyers to try to sort it out and they will blame the judges. >>governor huckabee: we will bring in dr. doubletalk who understands it as well as any member of congress. great to have you here. thank you very much. coming up, we are going to ask what lies ahead in politics for what lies ahead in politics for 20[ male announcer ] you'd never leave your car unlocked. why would you leave your life unlocked? car theft is a serious crime, but for every car stolen, eleven people have their identity stolen. when you don't protect your identity, thieves can steal your money, your credit... and wreak havoc on your life. you can lock your identity right now with lifelock... the leader in identity protection. lifelock actively guards your critical personal information
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we are looking back at 2010. the explosive year if politics. but did our leaders in washington learn a lesson? will the changes the voters demand come in 2011? will it be the same old politics as usual? joining me with a lock ahead at the new year president and chief executive officer of forbes and editor and chief of forbes magazine, and former hillary clinton aide, and former democratic democratic candidate from new york. thank you all. steve, this has been quite a year looking back but looking ahead, do you think the economy is going to improve? will we see job numbers build back up in a significant economic growth? >>guest: we will see real economic growth, 3 percent or 4 percent with job creation but businesses are reluctant to hire. it will be a better year.
3:44 am
but keep in mind this is the worst recovery from a severe recession in american history. so we are like a car going 80, perhaps too fast and now we are up to 35 miles per hour, nice to be moving but not what we could be doing if washington got out of the way. >>governor huckabee: is that the problem? why is the recovery so slow? you said the slowest recovery, why? >>guest: several things. one is the weak dollar. you trash the dollar you get a weak recovery. we should have learned that from the 1970's and uncertainty of taxes not just the tax bill but also in health care, massive new taxes are coming in which will crush small business which will cause burdensome regulation. and the attempt on financial reform which is putting uncertainty in the financial system. and the spending. put that together and that is a huge burden. >>governor huckabee: you talked of capitalism as good.
3:45 am
yet capitalism is taking it on the children and people are saying it is all because of the growedy capitalists we are in trouble. so, explain to me why capitalism will save us. >>guest: well, big government people like the congressman on two weeks ago, weiner, perhaps i should send this to him, thinks it is a choice between massive government regulation and anarchy. no, sensible rules of the road. you have sensible rules, free enterprise works. allow people to start business and create business, and expand existing business and letting people as abe said improve your lot in life. we could not have the massive bubble if the federal reserve does not print so much money and 19 and freddie mac, if they were not there with the junk monks, that would not have planned. and they made other mistakes which does not excuse wall
3:46 am
street. >>governor huckabee: and i saw you nodding your head, over the devaluing of our currency. is that an area where democrats agree with republicans that the way to treat our countricy is a problem? >> some would, some wouldn't. i was nodding because i agree in great part with mr. foreigns and i look forward to reading the book. my question is, whether steve would think that some of the policies of the last 10 years are to blame? the last two years? where should the correction have begun? where were the mistakes made? and what can we do looking forward? >>governor huckabee: were there mistakes prior to president obama? in the republican administration? prior to that, that helped create the issues? >>guest: yes, the federal reserve started under the watch the george w. bush, and that was a huge mistake. broke understood the need for a
3:47 am
strong dollar. dome -- and john kennedy understood that. that was the big oft mistake of president bush. also, the spending excess started under his administration. went to the current administration. so, yes, there is plenty of blame to go around but answering her question, on going forward, tie the dollar to gold and stop the spending, and cut taxes, tax rates so people can be liberated again, and revenues go up and the economy will be on track. >>governor huckabee: we have to take a break, so that means you have more time to get your answer ready not that you need it because you will take it anyway. more with our panel looking ahead. witthe venture card from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned a trip to vegas twice as fast! [ brays ] and since double miles add up fast,
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>>governor huckabee: we are look ahead at 2011 and greg, looking ahead in 2011 are you an optimist? a pessimist? or greg? >>guest: i put my money into gold. the gold chocolate because that is all i can afford. i cannot afford the real gold. as long as we have 10 percent
3:51 am
unemployment it will suck. if we keep extending unemployment benefits you will have unemployment. you will be, studies show you are less likely to work if you are given benefits not to work. >> let me jump in. i was concerned when bernanke said he is not specificking the unemployment rate to go down 5 percent until 2015. is there a place for government? i believe in the future of a public private partnership and i support the infrastructure bank, we need more policy on free trade and it is shame we did not pass the drive act because we lost the opportunity for our future children to be the next entrepreneurs and the next scientists, we have to invest in education. we are falling further and further behind so there is a place for government. do you not agree? >>guest: again, it is not all government or no government. government does have a role. national dense, interim security, infrastructure whether education or making sure roads are build, and dealing with
3:52 am
disasters and things like that. also, though, government is a critical role is creating an environment for entrepreneurs to be allowed to flower, the rule of law and the administration has trampled on and low tax rates, a sound dollar, and removing barriers to doing business. take health care, for example, and why can't we have more free enterprise if health care? get more production of health care? and in terms of what to do about people would to not have insurance? if we can have food stamps to make sure people have food in this country, why can't we have the same kind of safety net for health care? but get the government out of the way of the rest of health care. we do not have government run farms. a voucher system. >>governor huckabee: you shop where you want, and you are given assistance based on a sliding scale. so if you are really poor you get more help and if you are not that poor. >>guest: 35 states have high-risk fool and -- pools and you can build on that.
3:53 am
>>guest: would you not have cynics who say if you have unemployment you will always is up employed, and if you have food stamps you will always have those who prefer food stamps to working. >>governor huckabee: we learned when i was governor during welfare was reformed in this country and people thought it would not work. it worked. thanks to president clinton who worked with republics it was a great example of when government got out of the way but it had a role. and what we learned was this: if you empower people and give them a way out they will take it but if you don't give them a way out they stay. the point is, we had to make sure a person would do better in the workforce than in the welfare role. the historic welfare system trapped people because they actually could provide better for their families on welfare than for the only jobs for which they were qualified. tell me your outlook for the political climate of 2011? does this change in the congress and president obama's last minute compromise with the
3:54 am
republicans does it look well for democrats, republicans and the re-election. >> the more democrats act like republicans the more successful they will be. >> well ... i am hopeful from what i have seen and what we have achieved in the lame duck session congress including repealing don't done i am positive now about the outlook. >>governor huckabee: our optimism could be two different things. i want to make sure you understand. >>guest: the republicans will fine it is easier to be a party in opposition than a party in the majority and i think that the democrats must work and compromise and i think they have seen that in the last couple of weeks and that president obama will be re-elected. i think your party will have difficult in choosing a candidate but he could be seated with us here today. >>governor huckabee: you mean me?
3:55 am
>> greg. >> there will be fireworks over health care. the republicans are going to make a real attempt to undo obamacare and they will choose some real success and we will lay the foundations for true free enterprise with safety nets and turn health care which is is a problem to the most dynamic growth industry in the world because it is personal. >>governor huckabee: we will be back with my outlook for the new year.
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[ applause ] >> i realize many americans are certainly soured on politics and government and to large degree understandably so, i hope you are not soured on america. this country is still working. this upheaval of the past election was like the flushing of a toilet, not all that pleasant but sure was necessary it means we start with clean water and a fresh smell. you bet we have our problems, but this is still the greatest country on earth. poverty in this land has a higher standard of living than what's considered normal than the rest of the world. that's no excuse for us to ever be satisfied that there may be hungry children, unemployed adults and people who lack basic comforts like heat or running water. but apologizing for america's success is not going to help us
3:59 am
do any better. we are still hand of opportunity. and we do better when government opens pathways instead of slamming doors by telling us what we can't do. i sure hope the ones we just elected really know that. because we do best when we have big goals to achieve. going to the moon, stopping the aggression of the nazis and the japanese in world war ii or a modern day threat like iran. i hope instead of just hoping to defeat the other political party, we would like to strive for something that's more important like discovering a cure for cancer or alzheimer's or rebuilding our roads or getting our schools to actually educate our students. it's not that our problems are too big, it's that our solutions are too small. it's not about the politics of winning and losing. it's about the people being empowered to finding their piece of the american dream. i'm not looking in the rear view mirror at what we have done wrong. i'm looking to the wind chill. and i'm optimistic about where we are going. [ applause ] i hope you


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